Real 3D Videos by CRSA

Dear visitor,

We are proud to announce that the first two stereoscopic 3D videos by Clinical Robotic Surgery Association are now available on the website and on YouTube.

The surgical procedures featured in the videos are:

  • Pancreaticoduodenectomy, by Prof. Pier C. Giulianotti;
  • Hiatal Hernia, by Dr. Andrea Coratti.

You can watch the videos in stereoscopic 3D on:

  • this page, using a computer equipped with a 3D display;
  • the YouTube application on a 3D smart-TV connected to the internet: just input CLINICALROBOTIC in the search box and enter the CRSA channel.

In case you have no access to a real 3D display, you will be able to watch the videos in Full HD or in anaglyph 3D (red/cyan, using this kind of filters) on normal computer displays or non-3D smart-TVs: click on the cog shown in the bottom-right side of YouTube player and change your settings accordingly.

Enjoy the videos.