Welcome Letter

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Clinical Robotic Surgery Association [CRSA], a new organization that will address practical issues focusing on general surgery and its related specialties:
Upper GI; HPB; Thoracic; Colorectal; Vascular; Transplant; ENT; Endocrine; Oncology; Bariatric;Pediatrics.

Our aim is to provide clinical, educational and innovative services in a manner that will support the true mission of facilitating robotic techniques in general surgery and related specialties.
It’s our expectation that our efforts will provide the preferred forum to compare and discuss practical aspects of robotic surgery.

True to our hope to advance technology, one of the principal vehicles to deliver our message is a Web site that will allow surgeons to share videos, advice and innovative approaches with one another, for the true value in moving robotic surgery forward is to share as much information about process and technique as possible. Accordingly, we will facilitate the opportunity to contact colleagues, experts, proctors or trainers in favor of multi-institutional programs. We will organize exchanges, stages, case observations, virtual and on-site meetings allowing a constant connectivity at an international level.

As a member of The Clinical Robotic Surgical Association you would benefit from being permanently connected to pears and specialists, sharing your expertise and your experience. You would at any time have the possibility to connect and discuss techniques, approaches and concerns you might have in relation to a certain procedure.

At this time of great change in the health industry, technology advances faster than ever before, and robotic surgery leads the way.
Whether you are a well trained in robotic techniques or just starting to learn, CRSA will be the perfect environment for you to grow as a physician, as a surgeon, as an expert.

I am looking forward to welcome you as a member of this new association. Together we can accomplish great things.

For further information on how you can become a member please contact us at:Email: dnita@uic.edu

Pier Cristoforo Giulianotti, MD