Robotic Surgery Excellence Programs Are Now Available

The Clinical Robotic Surgery Association (CRSA) and Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) launched the Center of Excellence and Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS and SOERS) programs at the CRSA Worldwide Congress, last October.

The CRSA and SRC worked closely together to determine the designation requirements and ensure they addressed the present and future needs of patients and providers. The program requirements are coupled with an objective evaluation process that enables a thorough review of each candidate. To prevent bias and protect participant confidentiality, SRC will independently manage all operational aspects of the program.

The Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (COERS) program will recognize surgeons and facilities worldwide that perform robotic surgery procedures and achieve defined standards for patient safety and care quality.

In addition to the Center of Excellence designation, which is awarded to the hospital and individual surgeons together, a surgeon-only option will be available. The Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery (SOERS) accreditation is suited for those who operate at multiple facilities or want to apply solely through their private practice. Surgeons participating in both programs can earn dual designation as a Center and Surgeon of Excellence in Robotic Surgery.

The COERS and SOERS programs will be supported by a central outcomes database developed by SRC. By collecting data on a global scale and diverse patient population, this database will yield the information necessary to evaluate the safety and efficacy of robotic surgery. The database is currently facilitating quality improvement in bariatric, metabolic, hernia and gynecologic surgery through outcomes data from nearly 600,000 patients.

How do we Apply?

Online registration is now open for both programs.
The designation process is fast, simple and straightforward. The application takes less than 20 minutes to complete, and site inspections are as consultative as they are evaluative (not pass/fail). The process begins with registration:

Register for Center of Excellence
Hospital + Surgeon Certification

Register for Surgeon of Excellence
Surgeon-Only Certification

After you register and apply online, you will receive your site inspection preparation materials, which outline exactly what you need to prepare for your on-site inspection (COERS) or your virtual inspection (SOERS).

SRC offers one-on-one support guide you every step of the way, from completing the application to preparing for your inspection. Just like patient support is integral to excellent care, SRC believes program support is equally integral to designation success.


Visit or contact SRC Support at 1.919.981.4460 or

For more information:

Ashley DuBray
Director of Program Development
Surgical Review Corporation

About Surgical Review Corporation
Surgical Review Corporation (SRC) is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the safety, efficacy and efficiency of surgical care worldwide. SRC administers Center of Excellence and Surgeon of Excellence programs that recognize hospitals and surgeons who provide exceptional care and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to patient safety and success. Each program is supported by the BOLD™ outcomes database to ensure participant compliance and drive quality improvement in patient care.

About the Clinical Robotic Surgery Association
Founded in 2009, the Clinical Robotic Surgery Association (CRSA) is a surgery specialty society created to address practical issues focusing on general surgery and its related specialties: Upper GI; HPB; Thoracic; Colorectal; Vascular; Transplant; ENT; Endocrine; Oncology; Bariatric. CRSA’s aim is to provide clinical, educational and innovative services in a manner that will support the true mission of facilitating robotic techniques. CRSA offers the ideal forum to compare and discuss practical aspects of surgery, and facilitates the opportunity to connect colleagues, experts, proctors and trainers. CRSA consistently supports multi-institutional, clinical and experimental research aimed at expanding the application of robotic surgery. CRSA develops and supports standards of practice that encourage quality improvement for the purpose of enhancing patient safety.