Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues


As a part of CRSA’s vision to create a global network for setting the standard for robotic education, training, and clinical operations for general surgeons it is my distinct honor to direct the section of the International Fellowship Program (IFP).

The mission of the IFP is to efficiently facilitate fellowship programs to internationally exchange fellows to observe, train and educate in their field of robotic surgery.  This mission will be accomplished by

  1. Creating a centralized system where the fellowship programs or fellows could contact and be effectively directed and facilitated to  be placed at an established robotic program of their field of interest
  2. Assist exchange of fellows internationally between different programs and institutions promoting overall growth of different sub-specialties’ in robotic surgery
  3. Possibility in future to assist with educational grants and multi-institutional yearly fellowship to promote robotic education and training globally.

Programs and fellows interested in requiring such assistance would need to fill out the IFP application and either email or mail it to our office.

Best Regards,

Yours Truly,

Subhashini Ayloo  MD, FACS.
Director of International Fellowship Program
Clinical Robotic Surgery Association
840 S. Wood, M/C 958
Chicago, IL 60607

Telephone No. 312-355-1493
Fax No. 312-355-1987
Email: Ayloosub@uic.edu